How to maximize value of your Brand with 3D workflow ?

During the last years never so much 3D has become a major milestone for all brands corporate and agencies. It is not only a technical step where you have to spend time to get a view of your product. Thanks to the the technology anybody can work all the 3D workflow from creation to approval up to the sharing and the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. This new user experience brings so much more than just the object looks like, it is the best way to levarage the value of the brand owner.

The business is also now driven by 3D printing. Manufacturers across a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, dental, discrete, high tech, and medical products are all actively piloting and using 3D printing technologies today. Prototyping continues to dominate the reasons why enterprises pursue 3D printing, with the opportunity of improving new product development and time-to-market being long-term goals.

According to Wohlers Report 2014, the worldwide 3D printing industry is now expected to grow from $3.07 billion in revenue in 2013 to $12.8 billion by 2018, and exceed $21 billion in worldwide revenue by 2020. Wohlers Report 2013 had forecast the industry would grow to become a $10.8 billion industry by 2021. As far as 3D printing stocks are concerned, the industry’s growth trajectory could offer a tremendous runway for growth.

I will propose you a selection of solutions I had the chance to experience during the last years. Never it has been so easy and fun to manage 3D models from great customer engagement.

1- 3D starts always from the creation :

Before this job was really driven by specialists using technical software like 3DSMax, Cinema 4D…

Thanks to Adobe, Photoshop is now a great solution or most designer as you can easily switch from the 2D creation workspace to the 3D with all the proprieties. You can render and even send your model to a printer or use one the leader in the industry Sketchfab to share your model on any platform web or mobile.

Adobe has just released a new 3D software Project Felix to create high-quality, photorealistic images. Project Felix makes it easy to composite 2D and 3D assets to build product shots, scene visualizations, and abstract art. And it’s made for graphic designers, not 3D experts.

You can also find some free software like Sketchup or Blender.

Even if Felix which is still in beta brings some simplicity it is not so obvious ti figure out for a beginner.

A new software has been unveiled 4 years ago by Creative Edge Software : IC3D.

With iC3D from Creative Edge Software, seeing is believing. This all-in-one packaging design software produces fast, accurate 3D digital prototypes and press-ready proofs in minutes. Whether for carton, glass, cans, flexibles or shrink-wraps, iC3D enables real-time visualization and validation throughout the design process from concept to production. No specialist programs, hardware, or outside assistance are required, just a single application using a simple Illustrator file or PDF for photorealistic results on-the-fly.

iC3D features patented Smart Mesh which allows labels and artwork to be instantly slid over models without needing tedious UVW texture co-ordinate mapping. With its unique Shape Modeller feature, you can quickly design and generate asymmetric 3D models such as perfume bottles, trigger sprays and molded containers.

No specialist programs, hardware, or outside assistance, just a single application using a simple Illustrator file or PDF for photorealistic results in minutes.

You can read a nice article from Alexandra Specht here :

From IC3D you can export a COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity) is an interchange file format for interactive 3D applications. It is managed by the nonprofit technology consortium, the Khronos Group, and has been adopted by ISO as a publicly available specification, ISO/PAS 17506.

2- Approval cycle and Workflow :

Even if you can easily share 3D, by Brands or Retailers it is always important to be able to map their business process mapping to approve the assets (PDF, images) and the 3D.

ES 5 from DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH is one of the best solution in the market share with the best ROI and very flexible to manage all the milestones of your workflow, just easy.

ES 5 is a collaborative digital asset production and management platform, offering services ranging from online approval to web-based production environment for all participants of the production cycle, including brand owners, agencies, publishers, pre-media, printers and multichannel service provider. ES lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output (print, web, ebook, movie, and others). It ensures productivity and longterm profitability.

Your 3D file is part of your workflow waiting for approval displayed in a customisable and easy dashboard :

ES 5 is displaying a flat design UI to control your assets, approve them thanks to DIALOGUE Engine 5 and also view, annotate and compare your 3D collada files :

3- 3D sharing :

With ES5 you can also share your 3D with just a link and send it to any suppliers for approval. Thanks to the Partnership with Augment ES can send the 3D files into Augment for the latest customer experience : The Augmented Reality.

Scan the QR code or click to get a new experience…

Or simply share to your social content or CMS :

Instead of spending and money, ES5 and Augment give you the solution to get an idea of your product on a shelf in a store improving the so much the user experience.

Marketers are constantly in search of mobile technologies that wow consumers, so much so that we’ve fallen into the thinking that the next innovation can be implemented just like the last.

Augmented reality is nothing like technology of the past. Though AR has been used to meet the same marketing initiatives, creating an augmented reality experience should be approached with a basic knowledge of how it fits in with your larger business goals.

Augmented reality brings a digital overlay to the physical environment around you, and it’s already shifting how people shop online, try new products before buying, and engage with brands. AR is versatile in its use cases and the verticals it applies to.

Using AR for both B2B sales and direct- to-consumer, Siemens uses Augment to show their products at trade shows. Marketers are trying to find more intuitive ways to use AR to their advantage. Here are a few things every marketer should understand about augmented reality.

“Augmented reality is creating interactive experiences that engage users far beyond many of the mobile technologies we’ve seen in the past.”

Lindsay Boyajian, CMO of Augment

Virtual Reality differs from AR in a few key areas. First, VR seeks to not just enhance reality, but to recreate reality in an immersive environment.

This distinction between AR and VR is based on the current state of both technologies. However, the future will bring head-mounted displays that are capable of both AR and VR (we’ll touch on that later). It is easy to imagine an HMD that allows users to see through to the outside world in AR mode, then becomes opaque and switches to VR. There are no known players developing such a hybrid system, though it is likely on the roadmap for every active company in the space. AR and VR remain separate domains performing different functions; VR seeks to create a world of its own separate from reality, while AR seeks to increase a user’s experience in the real world and enhance reality. (See White Paper ).

For a great VR experience you can use the Sketchfab Technology from the web and mobile to share :


Sketchfab made a Partnership with Microsoft and the Hololens :

This device lets you bring virtual objects and scenes into your own environment, the best of both worlds between VR and AR.

Beautifully designed, Volvo Reality moves beyond delivering a singular Virtual Reality driving experience – the individual episodes also build a compelling narrative.

3D is now at the heart of the marketing automation of brands and retailers to bring a even more immersive and great experience.