Leading With Customer-Focused Content: Driving Growth Through Personalized Experiences – See more at:

Summary: How are organizations creating emotional connections around content-rich experiences? What media assets are supporting these personalized experiences? What best practices lead to a steady and consistent distribution of targeted content at greater scale and with reduced cost and complexity? We set out to answer these important questions—and to understand how today’s leading B2B and B2C organizations are achieving business benefits such as increased brand awareness and enhanced customer engagement via customer-focused content. – See more at: 

 pwc retail Total Retail Survey 2016

Online shoppers around the world are fundamentally disrupting retail–again.

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 accenture The Accenture Technology Vision 2016 investigates five trends behind a ‘people-first’ approach: Intelligent automation, liquid workforces, the platform economy, predictable disruption and digital trust.

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jahia digital experience The Third Wave Of Digital Experience Is Here.
Are You Ready? The new responsibilities that come with Third Wave digital marketing have reverberating impact on the path to success for enterprises in today’s technology-based economy. It means going beyond lead generation into cultivating authentic 1:1 relationships.
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 archimag Overview of DAM Solution of the market with ES DAM in the scope as one of the most innovative solution bringing DAM at the entreprise level :

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UTS_-_Font_Compliance_in_Publishing_Doc_-_EN-Thumb Best practices for mitigating your font risk : Fonts are a critical part of every publishing workflow. Missing fonts, improperly licensed fonts, and font conflicts can quickly derail any project. This guide covers:

resource_library_forrester FORRESTER: VENDOR LANDSCAPE – DIGITAL EXPERIENCE PORTALS : Fonts are a critical part of every publishing workflow. Missing fonts, improperly licensed fonts, and font conflicts can quickly derail any project. This guide covers:

“Legacy Portal Technologies Have Emotional Baggage, While Digital Experience Portal Scenarios Are Red-Hot And Demand Investment.”

Forrester Research, Inc., January 4, 2016
By Mark Grannan, Forrester Analyst

DAM 2020: Expectations From Digital Asset Management Of The Future

:Today’s consumers expect deeper interactions ― across the entire consumer journey ― with the companies they patronize. As a result, businesses have increased the use of rich media content, such as video, audio, and interactive, for engaging consumers. However, many companies lack a comprehensive digital asset management (DAM) strategy and processes to effectively leverage content across the business. The prevailing strategy ― ad hoc and siloed ― leads to inefficiency, higher operating costs, and missed opportunities across the business.

FA Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper commissioned on behalf of assetSERV


Customers have always been the jewel in the crown of a business. Without customers, your business won’t exist,
but it’s because of them that organizations are constantly evolving to better suit their needs. In an increasingly digital world, where customers are more empowered, brand loyalty is no longer a given. With customers able and willing to switch alliances between businesses, organizations can no longer assume they have guaranteed “lifetime” customers. You have to stand out.

The Mobile Distribution Report: Why social platforms and mobile apps are essential for delivering publisher content to readers

Augment Reality and the Future of Marketing

When Google Glass ceased production in 2014, the public thought at that moment that Augmented Reality had met its demise. Come 2016, the uproar of virtual reality has brands enamored with this new, innovative experience; yet it’s Pikachu and friends who dominate the mixed reality race for funding and adoption.

The marketing talk is easy,The tech walk too

The digital revolution has re-written the rules of the marketing game. And while the packaging industry has recognized the importance of big data and how to monetize that information, somehow it failed to communicate the various packaging techniques available to make the tailoring trend available for customers of any size or application.

This whitepaper hopes to eradicate that thinking. It provides suppliers and print customers with the technical knowledge to assess all options when considering their expansion into digital packaging – and highlights how digital is about much more than just personalization.

Data-Driven Marketing – Research Summary Report

One of the best report of the year to help you in your marketing automation with a deep analysys of the multi channel media